30,000 CFM Dust Collector

rent 30,000 cfm dust collector

Regular 30,000 CFM Dust Collector

30,000 CFM dust collector outfitted with Merv14/15 filters (F8 European configuration).  In this setup, the SmartBox has a removable dust reservoir (Sump).

Independent 21HP (15KW), 3Ø 480V/380V electric motors (30 A) power the ultraquiet (Whisper) radial fans. Airflow through each fan can be independently adjusted on the control panel (frequency control). If utility power is not available (field conditions), an auxiliary diesel/ gas generator can be easily used to operate this dust collector.

30,000 cfm dust collector with HEPA filtration

30,000 CFM Dust Collector with HEPA Filtration

Any BlueSky Gladiator dust collector can be outfitted with a HEPA filtration module (from the outside a HEPA filtration module looks exactly the same as a SmartBox with primary filters).

The HEPA module is a secondary filtering unit that utilizes HEPA filters (H13 classification). Secondary HEPA filtration is essential when dealing with hazardous toxic or radioactive dust-types, or when the dust collector needs to be placed inside a facility without an external vent. The HEPA filtration module removes >99.97% of dust (with reference to 0.3μm particle size). Such filtering standards are considered suitable for clean return-air into a facility (e.g. return air for climate control).

BlueSky Gladiators come in a variety of sizes

All BlueSky® Gladiator® dust collectors can be outfitted with a HEPA filtration module if needed. Find out more about the other size dust collectors BlueSky offers.

One of the many attributes that make all BlueSky dust collectors stand out from the pack is their ease of use and their versatility. Each size in the BlueSky® Gladiator® line-up is expandable, even after it has been put in place. This is done by simply adding another section. This need may arise when a project unexpectedly requires HEPA filtration or when a project needs to handle more dust than anticipated.

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