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The Story of BlueSky

"Necessity Is the Mother of Invention"

The expression is commonly attributed to Plato. He may have said it, but I lived it, and it was "necessity" that gave me the impetus to invent the BlueSky dust collector concept. Amstar, a company I started and later sold (owned by GE), used a process I developed, known as HVCC AMS888. We used 888 to protect metal surfaces in corrosive and erosive environments. It was a big success because it significantly reduced forced outages at power plants.
However, there was an unavoidable byproduct produced by our application process—airborne hexavalent chromium. The high-velocity spraying caused a lot of hazardous fumes. Both at our workshop and at client sites, we had to mitigate these emissions to protect workers and the wider work environment.
Surprisingly, of all the unexpected problems we ran into (inherent in this type of field-work), issues with dust collectors were the most vexing. The problems we had with dust collectors are too numerous to mention, but my experience with traditional dust collectors stayed with me. Consequently, it led to the birth of BlueSky.
— Michael Seitz


Now it's time to act . . .

Rules and regulations governing in-and-outdoor air pollution caused by dust are here to stay and likely to get stricter. In the US, new, stricter silica regulations have become law. In the EU, court rulings governing fine-dust are getting much tougher. Mesothelioma commercials (law firms seeking clients) are airing constantly on American TV, and lung disease victims are winning huge settlements in American courts. Even the producers of baby powder have lost court cases.

It's time to act! Luckily, sometimes doing the right thing and doing the smart thing go hand in hand.

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